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Since the beginning of time I have been passionate about families having memories to keep and hang on their walls - Childern feel a sense of love and excitement when they can see their images hanging pride of place, some images create real emeotions when we look at them, some make us laugh and smile, and they ALL capture lifes moments, milestones, friendships, memories that we want to remember and of course they will always serve as a great talking point ! 

However.... as a photographer with a family, I also understand that not everyone is in a position to spend $$$$ on Images, so I now offer regular short sessions of just 15mins.

Sessions are studio based (at the moment) and because they are only 15mins they are ideal for families and little people.. They are also super affordable at just $20 per image and NO minimum order - so no packages to stick to or spending more than you budget will allow, 


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