The cosmos, the universe, life, reality ... what really is it?? 

I often wonder as an adult what it would be like to see the world through the eyes of a child again. I watch my family expand with wives and girlfriends, friends, children and grandchildren, and I am always a little jealous of the wonder the littlest people see in the world.  The imagination and insight into things long forgotten.  A spiderweb is never just a web, and hole in the ground is anything but just a hole, the insects and grass that are examined with such beauty and wonder, and the things we simply brush off or walk past unnoticed, are sometimes the most fascinating of experiences, the textures and depth of nature and the sweet sound of the birds and buzzing of bees, things we simply do not notice any more.

What would happen if you realised all that was and all that could be are far more than we ever imagined??, Is the world we live in really just what we see and what we are taught, or is there much more. Would we be falling into a whole new way of being, or just falling out of the old one?? 



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