My online status literally dissapeared before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it ! 

I was playing around with FB (as you do) tweeking some settings and generally just having a tidy up when it asked me to log back in - oooookkkkkkk so in I log only to find out that I have no loger any access to my page ! - I have tried FB help but with no luck and now roughly 6 weeks later I decided that this dissaster wasnt necessarily the dissaster I thought ! in fact it could well be a blessing ! 

I have for a while had my focus and excitement for photography heading more towards fantasy and fairytales rather than just happy smiling families and bonny children.  My love of family portraiture still remains and will carry on, but with my new found freedom I shall be heading down the fanasy and fairytale composite isle more and more. 

I have had to create myslef a new page - Beverley-Ashburner-Fine-Art-Photography-previously-Baby-Shots-Photography so please feel free to pop on over and give me a like :-) 

Today I discovered the delights of video capturing the screen, eventually I hope to geta  bit savvy and record a whole edit but for now I have just managed to record the image layers to show how the composite is built up in layers ! 

 "Music: www.bensound.com"

Enjoy and feel free to leave any feedback 

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