Hello & Welcome

Congratulations! You’re going to be having a baby! Whether this baby is your first, third or fifth, this is 

no doubt an exciting time for you and your family. 

Vision, Mission, Values

Mission Statement

Baby Shots Photography is about creating memories that last longer than a lifetime; it’s about creating 

tangible emotion that crosses generations; it’s about the pursuit and provision of knowledge all within 

a relaxed friendly environment.


The vision of Baby Shots is encompassing, it’s about looking for the best in all that we do. We want to 

create a relaxed welcoming environment that inspires not only creativity but a lifetime of good 

memories. We aim to provide a prompt, professional yet fun service that encourages repeat business.

And we want to create timeless images that captures the emotion of the moment for all to share.


We believe that what we put in is what we get out, that our values represent not only our business but 

our constant belief in doing everything better. Our values;





we ensure our customers get the very best of us, each and every time they visit.

About the Business

Baby Shots Photography is in the business of Photography and image manipulation focusing on the 

final trimester of pregnancy through to the baby becoming one year of age. The business has much

experience in photographic art during the birth as well. Since its incorporation, Baby Shots 

Photography has been through a number of changes including ownership. The focus of the business 

is now well and truly entrenched in the Bump to Baby concept. The business uses up to date technology 

and software packages, to manipulate photographs in to becoming not just pieces of art, but tangible 

memories that parents can hold on to.